Classic Remise Berlin

  • May 20, 2016

Huge chrome grilles, long, flowing arches and beautifully painted two-tone colour schemes. When these are the characteristics of the cars parked outside on the street, you know you’re nearing the Classic Remise; a centre for largely classic automobiles and motorcycles, located in a beautiful old tram depot.

Calling itself a ‘centre’ may sound rather vague, but is necessary as to avoid it being thought of as just a museum. Of course there are a number that are tucked away here, seemingly for good, but many reside there for storage, and a good proportion are for sale. When I arrived, a man was just driving his (very dusty) Mercedes-Benz R129 out between glass cages, one home to a Countach LP5000, the other to a 246GT Dino.

There are functioning workshops; split into American, Italian and British. Various marques within each, cars in various states of repair, and the odd bare, rusty shell.

Classics, supercars, hypercars, and much to see for the two-wheeled fans. All for free, just walk in off the street.





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Rob Cooper