Lister Knobbly road car

  • March 14, 2017




After photographing the Lister workshop a few of months ago for a Classic Driver article (which can be found here) I found myself back to shoot one car in particular; the Lister-Knobbly road car, of which ten will be produced – this being car 2.


There are a number of distinctions between this and your ‘usual’ Lister Knobbly, but I think you’ll agree, it still adds up to be absolutely stunning automotive art!



Lister_Jaguar_3_lowLister_Jaguar_4_lowLister_Jaguar_28_lowLister_Jaguar_23_lowLister_Jaguar_30_lowLister_Jaguar_38_lowLister_Jaguar_5_lowLister_Jaguar_21_lowLister_Jaguar_9-2_lowLister_Jaguar_19_lowLister_Jaguar_13_low diptych2-2

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Rob Cooper